The Ethical Spirits & Co.

the hidden gem.

We know that things which are not appreciated "now" have infinite possibilities.

For example, gin produced with Sake kasu will have much richer fragrance than those using neutral spirits.

Another gin produced with cacao husks has as much profound fragrance as cacao beans itself.

As you see, these ingredients should not be discarded but rather shrine at the center of the stage.

There are many hidden gems in this world.

Thus, we are intending to find their potentials and create something you have never experienced.

The Ethical Spirits & Co.

Our Products

Craft Gin

Like a drinking perfume.

Craft gin produced by reusing wasted Sake kasu.


“LAST” Special Brand Website

Craft Gin

Like an Orchestra of fragrance.

Craft gin reviving from alcohol that has already expired.


Brand Promise

the New Luxury

Things that enrich us.

Things that we find valuable.

The value of luxury enjoyed in the different forms from ancient times is not considered as function but meaning.

We should find beauty and value of this new age ourselves rather than look for anything outside.

We will see more brigter things there.

We are hoping to build the sustainable manufacturing, spread the new luxury culture with our spirits of crafts, and create the circular economy.

  • Better As Ethical

    Make "ethical" a mean to achieve "better"

  • Be Circulars

    Weave stories of things we use.

  • From Alternative

    Start from materials rather than puporses.

Our Studio

As a place where artists are born as spirits and sessions are played, We have launched Tokyo Riverside Distillery as a "studio".
In this studio, all kinds of materials interact with each other and create the new possibilities

Tokyo Riverside Distillery
Tokyo Riverside Distillery

1FEthical Spirits Official Store

At the street side of the first floor, you can purchase our craft gin and limited goods.
You can learn about the botanicals and enjoy the "fragrance" of our gins.

Business hours
13:00-19:00 / closed on Mondays
Ethical Spirits Official Store
Ethical Spirits Official Store
Ethical Spirits Official Store


The second floor is a Bar & Dining where we offer original cocktails using gin produced by Ethical Spirits, and a food menu developed to match each flavor.

Opening hours
18:00 - 23:00
*Closed on Mondays
(TEL) 050-3160-2428

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R.Botanical garden

On the rooftop, we grow botanicals and herbs for our gin as well as the cocktails and food menu at Stage.

Botanical garden
Botanical garden
Botanical garden


Kuramae 3-9-3, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0051, Japan
/ 3 minutes walk from Kuramae Station

Join Us

We are looking for people to join us.
Feel free to contact us after reading the following recuritment page.

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Company info

Company name
The Ethical Spirits & Co.
Date Founded
Februrary 7, 2020
297,000 US dollars (as of Feb 2020)
CEO / Yuya Yamamoto、COO/ Chikara Ono、CTO/ Ayumu Yamaguchi
Shirai Tower 4F, Kuramae 3-9-3, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0051, Japan

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